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Brooklyn, Iowa / Creston, Iowa




a Ministry of

(c) 2008- a Ditzel Media Company / Alpha & Omega Broadcasting formerly DU Media, Faith 91.5fm, Faith 102.1fm, Drayton Harbour Christian Radio, Sky 102, Joy Radio,  The Truth Radio Network,  Truth FM, and UV Stream

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(c) 2010 (02 October 2010)
PraiseLight Christian Radio
(Truth Ministries)
Ben J. Ditzel
All Rights Reserved







Logo & Radio Format History



Final Radio Broadcast in Iowa



In May of 2005, a small LP-FM radio station based out of the Drayton Harbor Building in Blaine, Washington called Drayton Harbor Christian Radio (88.3FM) began its first transmission. Playing off a Toshiba Satellite laptop and only able to support MIDI files and a few small WAVs they had a primarily Christian format with a few soft hit tunes from MIDI files. Shortly afterwards, the station upgraded significantly to a larger computer system and began transmissions of mp3 music at CD quality to the Drayton Harbor area and changing their name from Drayton Harbor Christian Radio to FAITH 91.5fm. After a station move to Bellingham, Washington, transmission became sporadic with several times of dead air or very low power segments. Changing to FAITH 102.1FM after a Washington station closure and move to Des Moines, Iowa, a decision was made in 2006 to branch out and start another station with a more popular format. The Truth Radio Network was designed to use small transmitters all over the country and broadcast play lists sent out by the head station in Des Moines to the individuals in their areas. They would also play a standard jingle such as this one and be in the network of Truth Radio. After getting stations in Bellingham, Washington, Chicago, IL, Ankeny, IA, West Des Moines, IA, and a few other areas for a very short time, they decided it was too difficult and cost consuming to continue and in 2007, changed the name to Truth FM and broadcast out of West Des Moines, IA at 100.9 FM, at the same time, strengthening their signal significantly to a good deal of West Des Moines and Clive, IA. This was the largest power increase yet and Truth FM began receiving feedback and many more listeners than previous transmissions.  After several technical problems and dead air space more than half the time, FAITH 102.1FM decided it was time to cut back and after hours of referrals to the new Truth FM, FAITH 102.1FM finally shut off transmissions in Iowa. Truth FM became the sole broadcast of Alpha and Omega Broadcasting. In late 2007, Alpha and Omega Broadcasting diversified into Truth Ministries and Truth FM became its subsidiary.  On March 1, 2008, Truth FM started Live Internet Streaming Broadcast. On March 22, 2008, the station director of local station 101.1FM notified Truth FM that they were interfering with his transmissions on his station. This forced an emergency station frequency move within the space of 4 hours. By 1pm that afternoon, Truth FM began transmissions on 100.7fm and ceased all activity on 100.9fm and became UV Stream. After some debate and polls taken, UV Stream decided the name wasn't evident to browsers that it was a Christian radio station, so on August 6, 2008, UV Stream became PraiseLight Christian Radio. In March of 2009, PraiseLight's website moved from www.truth-radio.com to www.praiselight.com and in April, PraiseLight moved locations from Des Moines, Iowa to Phoenix, Arizona andthen to Los Angeles, CA. On 22 August 2012, PraiseLight ceased all broadcasts and became PraiseLight Media.

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