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Radio Partner:

Brooklyn, Iowa / Creston, Iowa




a Ministry of

(c) 2008- a Ditzel Media Company / Alpha & Omega Broadcasting formerly DU Media, Faith 91.5fm, Faith 102.1fm, Drayton Harbour Christian Radio, Sky 102, Joy Radio,  The Truth Radio Network,  Truth FM, and UV Stream

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Uplifting Variety (UV) Stream
Christian Refuge Radio




























The page below has been suspended: Please refer to our homepage for current station info. Thanks!




Bringing a positive change...

to our world!

United Kingdom    United States    Canada    Australia

Want to be TRUTH Radio's newest Station Manager?
Cost: anywhere from FREE to $35.

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Sign Up FREE and get the Station Clips to get started today!

 TRUTH Radio is a network of stations around the world which use the common iPod transmitter made by Belkin or competitors. It can be found at Wal-Mart in US and Canada, Radio Shack, Best Buy, etc and around the world in various stores.

Here's how it works: Okay, so you have two options here.
#1. (contiguous US only please) Contact us for our official broadcasters kit. Send us your address and we will send you the kit which includes an iPod broadcaster and a TRUTH Radio Data CD (the station identifications for world, US, and your individual station (example 105.1FM Your Town, US) ). The kit costs us $40 to make and ship, and so all we'll charge is $35. We are not wanting to make any profit or money off you or this station. Since we are operating on a shoestring budget (a threadbare one at that!) and can't afford to buy the package first ourselves, we ask for your payment by money order or cash (sorry no checks or credit cards) in advance and the DAY we receive the money, we will purchase the transmitter, burn the CD and send it to you
that day or first thing the next. This requires trust on your part, but we do all we can to give you that. We will provide you with our phone number, email, address, and references if necessary. We promise we are legitimate. If you are uncomfortable with it, we encourage you to choose step two, however.

#2. FREE with ownership already of an iPod broadcaster (about $30 in Wal-Mart). You can use your own transmitter and with your Personal Computer Media Player, your CD player, iPod, whatever music device you use, broadcast your favourite Christian music. Let us know what you are playing (a brief name sampling) and the frequency you use (US Managers- click here to find the best frequency for you) and we will send you an email with the official TRUTH Radio Station Identification breaks (the Int'l one, the one for your country, and the one for the local station itself (we'll create one)). Once you incorporate that into your play list and it plays every few songs, you are ready to start! We ask you broadcast as much time as you can. If you are comfortable with 24/7, that is the best. However, all that is necessary is whenever you listen to it yourself, you just broadcast it and listen to your radio. We understand these broadcasters only transmit a short distance, so encourage your friends and neighbours to broadcast also. Try setting up a chain where your station goes to your neighbours to which they rebroadcast it to their neighbours etc... Together, we'll spread TRUTH around the world! 

Sign Up for the Package

Sign Up FREE and get the Station Clips to get started today!


Here is a complete listing of all our radio broadcasting stations as of: 26 October, 2012 05:14

Frequency Info.

City, <State>

Broadcast Time

Christian Genre


94.3 FM

Ankeny, IA



102.1 FM

Des Moines, IA



105.5 FM

Chicago, IL

'on occasion'


91.5 FM

Ferndale/ Bellingham, WA


Classical & Various Film scores

104.7 FM

West Des Moines, IA

M.-Th. 700-1630
Fr. 700-1100


undecided FM

Cove, AR

Coming Soon, D.V


undecided FM

Poteau, OK

Coming Soon, D.V


undecided FM


Coming Soon, D.V



Your Town


Your Favourite <>< music

We will accept ANYONE who plays an ONLY Christian music*  format. So, all you need do is sign up and we'll endorse you and send you the material needed via mail or email depending on your choice of method. We are actively looking for people in the following locations though ALL locations are readily accepted.
The locations shown like this: YourTown, State/Country are our featured wanted station locations at this time. In other words, if you sign up to broadcast in or near there, you will receive a transmitter and CD absolutely FREE of charge with proof of residency in or near there. If you already have a transmitter and live in the US or Canada, we will send you the CA$H amount of $30 by way of money order or cash once you begin broadcasting!

United States

Des Moines, IA
Lavaca, AR
New York, NY
Tulsa, OK
Madisonville, KY
Monroe, OK
Wichita, KS
Anaheim, CA
Blaine, WA
Clarke's Summit, PA
Bangor, ME
Cove, AR
Los Angeles, CA
Ames, IA
Honolulu, HI
Jonesboro, AR
Poteau, OK
Ferndale, WA
Birmingham, AL
Clear Lake, IA
Toms River, NJ
Memphis, TN
High Point, NC
Ft. Smith, AR
Juneau, AK
Bellingham, WA
Grand Rapids, MI
Colorado Springs, CO
Mena, AR
Phoenix, AZ
Philadelphia, PA


London, UK
Lisbon, Portugal
Mexico City, Mexico
Auckland, NZ
Perth, AU
Dublin, Ireland
Johannesburg, South Africa
Vancouver, BC (CA)
New Delhi, India
Caracas, Venezuela
Sussex, NB (CA)



(c) 2006, A & O Media- TRUTH RADIO, TRUTH Radio UK, etc..., TRUTH Radio Int'l. All rights reserved. Ben Ditzel