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What is "True Love"?

by Ben J. Ditzel

  You know, many teenagers and young adults my age go through what many people call love, but it usually turns out to be nothing more than a passing feeling which, if tested, would disappear at a large provocation. So, after several heartbreaks, when they feel they are at the end of their line, they ask, "Well, what IS true love?!" I'll tell you how to find out. Try reading something for me. Get out your Bible. Yes, I mean it. When you need answers to many of life's basic questions, the Bible, God's Holy Word, has the solutions. Read 1 Corinthians 13. (You can hear it here to) Yeah, I know that is called the "LOVE CHAPTER", and listen... its not just something to gloss over as "oh, it just means love like old fashioned stuff etc...: Read verse 1 if you think that love is not so important or not for you. It says that if I said things in the most eloquent way, and said the most wonderful beautiful things or was the greatest writer, politician, or whatever, but I don't have LOVE, I am in effect, NOTHING! Love is NOT the Hollywood romanticized 'love at first sight, and at second, you're either married, or you're not married, but still together" This is today's worldly idea of romance and it is not for Christians. Love is much more than this. Love means GIVING, in effect, your LIFE to this person. SHARING all your joys & sorrows with this person. Now, I found something today, which, made me want to write this. In verse 8, it says, LOVE NEVER FAILS. Love never fails. Rather interesting. In other words, true love is and only is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! What I see in this is that LOVE that we experience is a picture created by God to portray Christ's LOVE for the church; His UNCONDITIONAL love. Therefore, we are to conduct ourselves as He did and does with the church; His church. With someone we truly love, we are to love through everything they do, say, and go through. A very dear friend of mine once said something I will never forget.

"If the person you say you love went through a horrible car accident or fire and was completely disfigured, disabled, and a complete invalid, would you REALLY still feel love?"

This is a good question, and if I were to ask this to many young adults, and they were to answer truthfully, they would say no. Some of you reading this have been blessed by God to experience love and would be able to say an absolute YES, however. Love is a gift from God and can only be mutually felt between a man and a woman if God plants it in both of them. Always remember that God is the perfect matchmaker.

Read 1 Cor. 13. I encourage you to email me on this also. I would love to hear what you have to say about this article or about the chapter.

~Benjamin Ditzel

Listen to 1 Cor. 13 (the love chapter)





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